English 9


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English 9 focuses on the exploration of the individual’s role within the wider society. Emphasis is placed on independent thought, individual responsibility, and personal development, both within literature and in students’ own lives.

In English 9, students will closely examine fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry to develop reading skills and reinforce knowledge of literary and rhetorical techniques. They will compose and revise explanatory, narrative, and argumentative writing. Grammar, usage, and composition training will strengthen writing skills, and formal and informal presentations will strengthen speaking and listening skills. Focused vocabulary instruction prepares students for pre-college testing. Longer texts may include, but are not limited to, Lord of the Flies, Life of Pi, the play Romeo and Juliet, and outside reading of a student’s choice.

Key Texts 

Short Story Unit
The House on Mango Street
Life of Pi
Lord of the Flies
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Romeo & Juliet
I-search Research Project

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