All sophomore classes will be graded through weighted categories: All Literature assessments will count as 45% of the grade, Writing counts as 40%, and all Miscellaneous (Vocabulary, Homework, Focus, etc) counts for 15%

All grades are final – we cannot adjust grades upon request.

Quiz grades are also final – we do not allow for retakes of quizzes.

If you are absent:

  • You are responsible for any work missed due to an absence. This includes any class work, as well as any homework. Be sure to email your teacher on the day you are absent or see your teacher as soon as possible upon returning to school to receive any work, notes, or assignments missed.

  • Any assignments that were due on the day you were absent will be expected on the day you return. If there is a quiz/assessment on the day you are absent, you will be expected to be prepared to make it up the day you return.

  • You have one week to schedule a time to make up any missed test, quiz, assignment, or in-class essay. After that time, you will receive a 50. It is your responsibility to see/email your teacher to schedule a time to make up the work.

Work Policy – Late work – No work

Homework in this class is not busy work.  If homework is assigned, it is to reinforce or prepare you for learning.  Therefore:

  • If you do not have your work at the time it is due, there will be a penalty.  Late work will lose a percentage of the overall point value.

  • If the homework is needed for an in-class activity the next day, you will not be able to make up the work.  You will receive a 50.

  • If the homework is not needed for an in-class activity, you will have two days to make up the assignment (with penalty).  After the two-day period, late work will not be accepted. (Major essays more than two weeks late will receive 50% of the grade earned on the rubric.)

  • Plagiarized work is exempt from the schoolwide 50-point minimum – a plagiarized assignment can earn lower than a 50.

If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent homework completion, speak to your teacher before the assignment is due.


Please understand that the date attached to an assignment in PowerSchool is NOT the due date, despite what PowerSchool says. Refer to your teacher’s syllabus for due dates.

Off-topic cell phone/computer  usage is not allowed. Students may be disciplined for excessive or improper use of their phone or laptop.