Creative Writing (Lally)

Welcome to Creative Writing

In this class, you will learn about different techniques and styles of writing, while building a portfolio of original written work. See below for important information about the class.

Backup Copies of the Read & Respond pieces
Course Description / Grading Rules
Non-Negotiable Demands
Clichéd Ideas
Where to Submit
Sample Submission Letter / Submission Log

Picture prompts from the NY Times – I suggest checking out the second section, “Share Experience From Your Own Life”
650 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing – MUCH of this list drifts into argumentative writing, but many of the prompts could spur a good memoir
From Creative Writing Now: 59 Memoir Ideas
From Scholastic: Memoir Prompts (avoid duplicating your college essay)

Title Generator
Character Generator

Rhyming Dictionary (that includes slant rhymes!!)

External Links
HHS Literary Magazine
Some Notes on the Necessity of Revising, from some Great Authors