English 10 (Lally)

Welcome to English 10 – the sophomore English course. In this class, we cover a wide range of texts from the old (Othello – published over 400 years ago) to the modern (In the Time of the Butterflies, The Secret Life of Bees, and Maus – all written in the late 20th century or later). We cover many different types of writing, as we read several novels, two novellas, fiction, non-fiction, a play, a graphic novel, and an extensive poetry unit. For more information, see the Course Description (linked below).

The texts in this class allow us to return to the common theme of the individual’s role and responsibility in a society, and in our discussions, we will aim to answer the following essential questions:

  • What makes some people resist authority?
  • How does race, gender and/or culture affect the tension between individuals and their roles and responsibilities in society?
  • How does race, gender and/or culture affect an individual’s ability to control his/her own life?
  • Why is memory important?

On this site, you will find the documents that we will use in class – homework and grammar sheets, our biweekly syllabi, and the poems that we will use in class.

If you ever lose your work, or if you need to study for a quiz and no longer have the original sheet, you can find them all here, or you can email me.

Please keep in mind that the uploaded course syllabi are subject to change, and the ones posted here are sometimes slightly inaccurate once our class is actually underway.

Common Writing Errors and How to Avoid Them (Based on Rubrics)

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