Essential Questions

  • Does the government intrude upon the privacy of US Citizens?
  • Can man create a perfect society?
  • Is war necessary for the economy?
  • Do governments control or change history?
    • Can history be re-written?
  • Why do some people rebel while others conform?



CLICK HERE for some helpful in-class resources
Full Text of 1984
Glossary of terms (both British and Oceanic)
Summary of “The Book” by Goldstein (Book 2, chapter 9)
More In-Depth Summary of “The Book” for those interested (From jeannene.net)

Propaganda Assignment, with Rubric
Sample Student Propaganda Video (you may wish to avoid selecting another pop star for president)
Sample Propaganda Video – Car Sale (and CarMax’s response)
Sample Sarcasm Video – Car Sale (an example of what we *do not* want to see… this one comes *close* – especially the first half – but cannot resist making a joke out of itself)