Essential Questions

  • Does the government intrude upon the privacy of US Citizens?
  • Can man create a perfect society?
  • Is war necessary for the economy?
  • Do governments control or change history?
    • Can history be re-written?
  • Why do some people rebel while others conform?



CLICK HERE for some helpful in-class resources
Full Text of 1984
Glossary of terms (both British and Oceanic)
Summary of “The Book” by Goldstein (Book 2, chapter 9)
More In-Depth Summary of “The Book” for those interested (From jeannene.net)

Propaganda Assignment, with Rubric
Sample Student Propaganda Video
Sample Propaganda Video – Car Sale (and CarMax’s response)
Sample Sarcasm Video – Car Sale (an example of what we *do not* want to see… this one comes *close* – especially the first half – but cannot resist making a joke out of itself)