English 10

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  • What makes some people resist authority?
  • What is the role and responsibility of the individual in society, especially in regards to race, gender, and/or class?
  • To what extent does an individual have control over his/her life?
  • Why is memory important?

The concepts of empathy, appreciation, and understanding are used to organize the curriculum for English 10. Students concentrate on reading for meaning beyond surface details, using contextual analysis to gain an appreciation of various cultures and literary works, and to recognize and value the differences that make each of us unique. Writing expectations focus on thesis-based expository papers and literary analysis.

English 10 builds on the foundations established in English 9, developing oral, written, and analytical skill through analysis of classical and contemporary literature. Students will analyze the logic and evidence used by authors to construct arguments, and organize ideas for critical essays using original theses and paragraphs designed to build effective arguments. Students work independently and collaboratively to brainstorm creative and analytical essays, and to improve writing through peer editing. Revision exercises focus student attention on topic development, organization, level of detail, language/style, sentence structure, grammar and usage, and mechanics. Sentence writing instruction will prepare students for pre-college testing and MCAS.

Key Texts (Click on titles for resources)
Of Mice and Men
The Things They Carried
In the Time of the Butterflies
Interpreter of Maladies
Little Fires Everywhere
American Born Chinese
Choice Reading Unit

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